Audio cassette in teaching environmental education

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With the broad implementation of whole language literacy approaches, which encourage both the classroom teacher and the librarian to teach reading in a rich multisensory environment, librarians justifiably include audio cassettes or CDs as part of their 21st-century literacy mission.

The subject of the Environmental Studies has appeared in the primary school curriculum together with the reform of the compulsory education at the end of the previous century. It is the successor of the subject of the Natural and Social Sciences (NSS) which has been taught at primary schools in.

This set of two audio cassette tapes was recorded at the AAAS meeting on Ecology and the undergraduate curriculum.

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Printed on high quality, off-white heavy paper stock, each certificate is embossed with a metallic version of the Great Seal of the United States, used for official Government documents.

Audio cassette in teaching environmental education
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