Extracting onion dna

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Extraction of DNA Molecule of an Onion In an Aqueous Solution By: Introduction DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid) is found in every living organism.

Extraction of DNA from onions Essay Sample

It provides the information and instructions to build and regulate cells in organisms. This project is designed to give you the opportunity to extract DNA from onion tissue. The technique is quick and easy and the DNA that is isolated can be digested using various endonucleases, followed with an electrophoresis of the digest.

Step away from the potatoes!

Extracting Onion DNA

Eating seasonally during the winter doesn't have to be boring. See our list of the best local winter fruits and winter veggies. Let’s get DNA from an onion! Materials Onion Salt Dishwashing liquid Meat tenderizer Rubbing alcohol Label your cups “CONTROL” and “SOAP AND ENZYMES” Add onion juice to both cups Add dishwashing soap to cup marked “soap and enzymes” Add ½ teaspoon of meat tenderizer to cup marked “soap and enzymes” Stir gently, wait 10 minutes SLOWLY pour alcohol into each cup and DO NOT stir!

Extracting onion dna
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Extracting Onion DNA | Science Project