Increase of women population in prison

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Increase of Women Population in Prison Essay

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Why is the Female Prisoner Population Skyrocketing?

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Why is the Female Prisoner Population Skyrocketing?

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Sincethe number of women in US jails has increased by 14 times, far outstripping the growth in the male prison population, even though in raw numbers there remain many more men locked up. Prison, Jail and Community Supervision: Inthe majority of the total correctional population (prison, jails, community supervision) was male (82 percent) and 18 percent was female.

Men comprised a smaller portion of the total population in than in while the percentage of women increased slightly within the total correctional. Though women make up a small portion of all the people serving time in prison their number is growing at a quicker rate than that of men.

The population growth of females in state prisons has far surpassed male growth in the past twenty-five years. Prison Population Tammy Settles CJS August 17, John Scott Throughout history prison has and continues to reach high rates in population.

The increase in. Though women make up a small portion of all the people serving time in prison their number is growing at a quicker rate than that of men. The population growth of females in state prisons has far surpassed male growth in the past twenty-five years.

Increase of women population in prison
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