Involvement of india in afghanistan issue

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Afghanistan–Pakistan relations

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Afghanistan–India relations

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India – Afghanistan Relations

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In the post-Taliban era, besides other donors in Afghanistan, India has played a significant role in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan by providing development assistance worth $2. India, Afghanistan and Iran would logically have been discussing the terrorist menace that Pakistan is, and time is ripe for the three nations to join hands and respond in a concerted fashion to Islamabad's hybrid war.

Nov 22,  · India should wait and watch until there is a visible proof of Good Taliban shunning process and being genuinely interested in the progress of Afghanistan as a nation and Indo-Afghanistan relations a foreign policy issue. The insurgency in Balochistan is a guerrilla war waged by Baloch nationalists against the governments of Pakistan and Iran in the Balochistan region, which covers Balochistan Province in southwestern Pakistan, Sistan and Baluchestan Province in southeastern Iran, and the Balochistan region of southern Afghanistan.

Watch video · The war in Afghanistan, which began inis already the longest military operation in U.S. history. A successful outcome is entirely dependent upon. Indian and Pakistani competition in Afghanistan long precedes the advent of the Hamid Karzai regime.

Both states, since their emergence from the break-up of the British colonial empire in South Asia inhave had ties with a range of Afghan governments. This essay will trace the origins of the Indo-Pakistani rivalry in Afghanistan, assess India’s current status and role in Afghanistan .

Involvement of india in afghanistan issue
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