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How to Get the Pulse Smartpen to Record Without Paper

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Livescribe Echo, Pulse User Manual

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The 10 Best Smart Pens – Immediate Analogue to Digital

USB). For more information on Smartpens, please visit Livescribe’s website at: Feb 20,  · You have to use Livescribe’s special dot paper, but that is not as bad as it sounds.

Livescribe provides a wide variety of notepads, notebooks, journals, even post-it notes!


Their desktop software even allows you to print your own paper if you’re worried that you’re going to run out. The LiveScribe smart pen allows you to take notes on specially printed paper (dot paper) and save what you have written, as well as what you have heard/spoken while writing, onto a.

As for the paper, Livescribe offer several different types and sizes of notebooks, priced from $ for a single pad through to $ for a twin-pack of Moleskin-styled journals. The secret is the exclusive use of "Micro Dot" paper.

What appears to be an extremely "light" color tint to the paper used in these notebooks, is actually thousands of micro dots filling the page, making EACH page unique. You can see these dots ve. LiveScribe’s dot paper notebooks and paper‐based applications are provided by the company and partners at prices comparable to standard paper products, according to LiveScribe.

However, users can also print dot paper for free on some laser jet printers.

Livescribe dot paper
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