Muslim cities dbq

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Scholars of all religions studied in Muslim cities, which were some of the first cities to produce books. In Document 2, a Muslim historian describes Cordoba, stating: “Unto it flocked seekers of science and poetry, for it was a resort of the noble and a mine South & Southeast Asia in the Post Classical Era India & the Indian Ocean Basin.

Muslim merchants formed communities in major cities of coastal India Exchanged goods at emporia, entrepot cities for other regional goods. Jerusalem: A Holy City Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, is considered a holy city by three major religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Black Plague Dbq. The line show the patterns in which the people migrated across the land to different cities. The Christians did not have a specific “holy city” in Europe, so they had no refuge from the Lord to flee to.

being truly tolerant of everyone. Since a Muslim wrote this document he might have implemented a measure of self. Page 3 of 6. Document 4 Al-Khwarizimi, a Muslim mathematician, studied Indian sources and wrote a textbook in the ’s about al-jabr (The Arabic word for algebra), which

AP World History DBQ Outline Islamic Cities. STUDY. PLAY. Document 1 Type of Document & Date. Primary Document, C.E. Author/Creator of Document. Ibn Jubayr, Spanish Muslim Traveler and Geographer. Purpose of Document. To describe the beautiful paradise that is Damascus to

Muslim cities dbq
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